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Crusader Kings-like MOBA Warlander won’t be “pay to win”

Crusader Kings-style MOBA Warlander's microtransactions will be purely focused around cosmetics and other non-essential items to avoid it being pay to win

Warlander microtransactions won't be pay to win: Knight in shining armor with red fabric and a white dragon on his tabards holds up sword in a battle cry to urge other troops onwards

Crusader Kings-like MOBA, Warlander, will be anything but pay to win, Toylogic claims. Instead, it’s designed to focus on skins and other non-essential cosmetics that simply enhance the MOBA’s in-game experience instead of altering the very fabric of its combat and levelling.

During my exclusive early access playtest, the topic of levelling inevitably came up, as well as ideas of purchasing better gear with real-life funds. Senior community marketing manager Dave Blank was quick to squash these concerns, hammering home that there “is no pay to win.”

“We feel very strongly about making sure this [pay to win] is not the case. Microtransactions will be cosmetics and things like that. The things that you use in the game are going to be rewards for playing the game, or things that you can purchase using currency earned by playing the game.”

He reiterates that “higher level titles” and powerups will not be available for real-life cash. “The monetisation is through the season pass and packages of different customisation options.”

Warlander microtransactions aren't pay to win: Knight in shining armor with blue tabard and shield runs at a castle being struck by lightning

Microtransactions remain a divisive topic within the gaming universe, especially in the wake of the latest chapter of Blizzard’s iconic dungeon crawler saga, Diablo Immortal, which has come under fire since release for its predatory pay to win-style mechanics. Despite this, the game made over $1 million in its first few months, proving people are willing to pay to get the edge over their competitors.

By choosing not to monetise aggressively, Warlander will step away from this model towards a League of Legends-style system, where skins and cosmetics reign supreme.

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