Wartales Great Gosenberg free expansion arrives in September

The Wartales Great Gosenberg expansion for the turn-based strategy game has a September release date, adds a secret-filled, wine-making merchant city to explore

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Fans of turn-based tactics can look forward to a Wartales Great Gosenberg free expansion arriving in September, which introduces a bustling merchant city to the down-to-earth RPG game. The expansion will see your band of grubby mercenaries taking to the streets of Gosenberg, a medieval city inspired by the wine regions of France that’s filled with secrets to uncover and people to win over.

PCGamesN took a glimpse at what players can expect to find in Great Gosenberg at a Gamescom preview event. The city is built around its wine production, which is the most precious commodity in Gosenberg as well as its main source of commerce. It’s a traditional medieval city with a fair amount of wealth, but its varying architecture shows the class divide in the region. The city is split into two regions, separated by a canal, and features building designs that you won’t find anywhere else in Wartales. Step across the bridge, and you’ll be immediately aware of the difference between the rich upper classes and the common folk.

Upon visiting Gosenberg, you’ll discover that one of the seven wealthy aristocrats who rule the city has been murdered – leaving you tasked with unceovering the killer. You can ask for help from everyone in the city, either employing barters or doing quests for people in return for information. With a university and a library, Gosenberg is a hive of knowledge – but some people might be a little economical with the truth. If you believe someone is perverting the course of justice, you can take them to trial, but be warned that you will be expected to pay compensation if it turns out you’ve besmirched their good name for no reason.

The political hub of Gosenberg is its trade palace, while the grand Cathedral St Elor of Gosenberg is still under construction – though it may complete in the future as the game continues to evolve. You will of course be able to find new arenas, items, crafting materials, and accessories as you explore.

In addition, you can see the merchant ship of Gosenberg, le Magnifique, although the devs say there is no maritime travel at the moment. Take a trip into the working class sector and you might come across some working types at a local brothel, too. Finally, you can participate in new minigames, such as a rugby-style brawl – these are works in progress, with the possibility of tournaments and sports fields for other regions in the future.

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Great Gosenberg lands for free in Wartales in late September. In the meantime, take a look at the best tactical RPGs on PC and the best turn-based strategy games on PC for plenty of other ways to satiate your strategic cravings.

Additional reporting by Lauren Bergin.