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W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios teases the best new indie games, coming soon

W.A.S.D x IGN Curios, launched in partnership with PCGamesN, is delivering the best and most out-there indie games in the world, and you can get a taste now.

W.A.S.D. x IGN Curious: A young woman with dark hair from indie game Phoenix Springs

W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios, a huge event launched in partnership with PCGamesN and IGN, will play host to some of the best, brightest, and most imaginative indie games on the planet, uncovering those rare and up-and-coming gems that are shaping the future of the medium. Now, ahead of the big event itself, we’re bringing you a teaser of everything that will be on show. If you like something different, and want to dive into the greatest, wildest, and most artistic indies right now, W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios has got everything you need.

Coming to London’s Truman Brewery this September, W.A.S.D. x IGN Curios is a showcase for the weird, wonderful, and most creative indies in gaming today. Full details on the lineup are coming in the next few days – five games will be unveiled on Thursday, August 17, five on August 18, and five more on Saturday, August 19. But ahead of the full reveal, we’ve got a teaser for everything you can see and play when the event launches.

Mars First Logistics is an open-world physics sim where you design and construct your own Mars rover. Phoenix Springs is a point-and-click mystery adventure, and Cantata, which has just left Steam Early Access, feels like a combination of Command and Conquer and Civilization, a sweeping strategy game with in-depth RTS combat.

But those are just some of the indies at W.A.S.D. x IGN, where developers of unconventional, outside-the-mainstream new games are invited to showcase their work and meet with industry experts and players. The show runs from Friday, September 14 to Sunday, September 16, and you can get tickets right here.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the other greatest upcoming games making their way to you in 2023 and beyond. You can also try some fantastic story games, if you hunger for personal, boundary-pushing personal projects.