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Classic Ubisoft open-world game blows up on Steam thanks to big sale

As The Division Heartland is canceled, one of the best Ubisoft open-world games is having a resurgence on Steam, helped by a big discount.

Watch Dogs 2 Steam sale: A character with a nose ring from Ubisoft open-world game Watch Dogs 2

Oh, The Division Heartland, we hardly knew ye. A spin-off from the main multiplayer looter shooter series, Ubisoft has just canceled Heartland to refocus on the upcoming XDefiant and the Rainbow Six series. Nevertheless, an open-world classic from the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry studio is currently surging on Steam, eight years since it was first launched. Witty, satirical, and full of creative opportunities for mayhem, it’s also available at its lowest price ever.

Watch Dogs 2 is the spiritual antithesis to its open-world game predecessor. Where the original Watch Dogs focused on small-time, street-level criminals, in the sequel your goal is to bring down corrupt tech companies and white-collar crooks who are taking over Silicon Valley. An occasionally acerbic commentary on cutthroat capitalism, in one of its best missions, you hijack the smart home of one Gene Carcani, a ruthless pharmaceutical corpo patently based on real-life financial criminal Martin Shkreli. Eight years since its 2016 release, Watch Dogs 2 remains a rare example of serious satire in videogames.

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And now it’s enjoying a revival. As of Monday May 13, the concurrent player count for Watch Dogs 2 on Steam peaked at just over 500. In the last day, however, more than 2,000 people have played Watch Dogs 2 at the same time, with 1,692 players online together as of this writing. If you’re disappointed in the death of The Division Heartland, and want a great Ubisoft sandbox game as a substitute, the uptick in Watch Dogs 2’s player count is likely the result of a seriously big sale, which you can still take advantage of right now.

Watch Dogs 2 is currently available at the all-time low of $7.49/£7.49, representing an 85% discount on its usual full price. A solid mix of hacking, car chases, smart writing, and a gorgeous, fully explorable recreation of San Francisco, if you want to try it for the first time, or maybe take another play through after almost a decade, you can get Watch Dogs 2 right here.

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