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Watch Dogs: Legion release date, setting, and trailers

Find out everything there is to know about Watch Dogs 3, including the brand new protagonist and the game's brand new London town setting

watch dogs 3 release date

Looking for a Watch Dogs: Legion release date? The idea that we’d be getting a Watch Dogs 3 seemed unlikely after the series’s lukewarm debut with sourpuss protagonist Aiden Pearce. However, a change of protagonist in Marcus Holloway appears to have turned the fate of the series.

Set in a dystopian version of London, Watch Dogs: Legion switches up the open-world game formula by having virtually every NPC as the protagonist. Instead of focusing on a single protagonist on a quest to clear DedSec’s name, everyone in London is on the same mission to stop the military from turning the city into a surveillance state. Here’s everything we know about Watch Dogs: Legion, including its release date, setting, and more.

Watch Dogs: Legion release date

The Watch Dogs: Legion release date was Thursday, October 29, 2020 on PC, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, and Google Stadia. The game launched a few weeks later on November 10 for the Xbox Series S and X, and two days later on the PlayStation 5.

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Watch Dogs: Legion setting

After two games set in Chicago and San Francisco, respectively, Ubisoft has decided to take Watch Dogs: Legion to The Big Smoke. London makes perfect sense as a setting for Watch Dogs: Legion as it’s the most surveilled city in the world. It’s also dense, diverse, and packed with hackable landmarks – imagine speeding up the London Eye or hosting a DedSec takeover of all the digital billboards in Piccadilly Circus. Ubisoft has also tackled a London setting before, albeit in the Victorian era, in the form of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, making it ripe territory for an easter egg of two.

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Watch Dogs: Legion trailers

Ubisoft revealed that Michael ‘Stormzy’ Owuo Jr would be part of the game in the form of a special mission at launch. Stormzy’s track, Rainfall, takes place in Watch Dog: Legion’s version of London as Big Michael himself takes a virtual trip around the greatest city on the planet.

We’ve also had the chance to see an eight-minute-long gameplay overview that focuses on everything Watch Dogs: Legion has to offer. Learn about how London became a surveillance state, find out how to recruit NPCs to join your cause, and learn about the ways you can tear down the establishment in the overview trailer.

Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay

Recruiting playable characters in Watch Dogs: Legion is as simple as approaching them in the street and asking if they want to join your cause. Recruiting specific workers gives you access to special abilities, for example, a construction worker can use a flying drone to get around, along with a nail gun to fire at enemies from a distance. Your abilities are entirely dependent on who you decide to recruit, so keep an eye out on the street for anyone who might suit your playstyle.

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