Weekend Deal Dump: Bundles, as far as the eye can see

Weekend Deal Dump: Bundles, as far as the eye can see

I’m starting the weekend off on the wrong foot, thanks to Amazon buggering up delivery and people doing just the worst Scottish accents. But maybe I can rescue it. Don’t make my mistake – ignore the world for the weekend and just play some games. With that in mind, here are a few deals for you to take advantage of this weekend. 

Some sort of terrifying Humble extravaganza

This weekend, there are three Humble sales vying for your attention. I’m feeling lazy, so instead of doing one entry for each, I’m squashing them all together like a sexy ball of cheap games.

There’s the Humble PC & Android Bundle if you want some multiplatform stuff. For a tenner, you can get Shadowrun Returns, and paying what you want nets you Tetrobot and Co, VVVVVV, Titan Attacks and Inner World. Beat the average and add Costume Quest and Ironclad Tactics to your library too. And then there’s the second bundle, which is entirely made up from roguelikes, including the Delver Early Access.

We’re not done. There’s a sale in the Humble Store, too. This weekend, it’s all about Total War. Every one of Creative Assembly’s historical strategy games from the first Rome onward have been discounted, apart from Attila. Here are some things I said about Rome II, which started off with some big problems, but improved dramatically one year on.

Rockstar Games Sale

If you’re not feeling sore about the frequent GTA V delays, then you might want to take a look at Green Man Gaming’s Rockstar Sale. The Rockstar Bundle, which includes seemingly every Rockstar game released on PC apart from the GTAs, has been discounted by 83 percent, while GTA IV has been reduced by 75 percent.

GOG Weekend Promo

A bunch of indie RPGs, adventure games and racing games have had their prices knocked off over at GOG for the weekend. Syberia and the unassuming but ultimately brilliant Avernum and Avadon RPGs are the highlights here. Surely everyone knows about Syberia, but Spiderworks’ RPGs? Maybe not. They are ugly as sin, but elevated by compelling stories and lots of interesting character progression, mechanically and in terms of the narrative.

2K 10th Anniversary Sale

I wrote about this yesterday, but it’s still going on. There’s up to 80 percent off 2K Games’ catalogue on Steam, including the Borderlands and BioShock series and the recently released Evolve. There’s a 20-game anniversary bundle to boot. The only downside? It includes Duke Nukem Forever. You can’t have it all. Well, you can, but that means you’ll have that embarrassment in your Steam library. The sale ends on March 23rd.

Okay, that enough deals for today. If you spot any good ones that I’ve missed, so let everyone know in the comments. No it’s back to staring obsessively at the Amazon delivery tracking page for me.