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Beloved indie RPG perfect for BG3 fans announces new DLC campaign

Dungeons and Dragons inspired indie RPG Wildermyth is a great post-BG3 adventure, and new DLC Omenroad adds a campaign and a roguelike mode.

DnD style indie RPG Wildermyth announces new story campaign and roguelike mode - Three adventurers walk through a forest.

If you, like me, are searching for your next Dungeons and Dragons style adventure after Baldur’s Gate 3, indie RPG Wildermyth is a fantastic candidate. Its DnD-inspired campaigns take your party of heroes through a mix of procedural storytelling with impactful, far-reaching decisions to make and satisfying tactical turn-based battles as they grow from novice adventurers into legendary figures. Now, its second DLC Omenroad is set to introduce its “most extensively written campaign yet” along with a new roguelike mode.

Wildermyth takes your heroes from their first days on the job through an entire lifetime of adventures, reflecting the passage of time as they fall in love, get married, grow old, and eventually die – but not before cementing their legacies in the annals of history. If BG3 has you craving another masterful DnD-adjacent RPG with rich, player-driven storytelling, Wildermyth is certainly worth your consideration, as its ‘overwhelmingly’ positive 95% Steam rating from almost 15,000 reviews testifies.

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New Wildermyth DLC Omenroad is already sounding like an incredible offering, whether you’re more invested in the combat or the storytelling. In the words of developer Worldwalker Games, “For the fighters, we have a roguelike tactical challenge mode with progression across runs. And for the lovers, we have A Walk in the Unlight, a huge new story campaign that uses the Omenroad format to take your heroes past the edge of the Yondering Lands and into worlds beyond.”

That story will take you on Wildermyth’s “most extensively written campaign, by far,” featuring an adventure into Netherflare, the land of the lost, where you’re invited to join the Neverbefore Ball held in the heart of a dragon’s castle. Rather than the traditional random story events of a normal campaign, everything here has been written specifically for Omenroad, touching on the lore of all the tales that have been told before, and featuring over 25 new battle maps to tackle.

The challenge mode, meanwhile, draws inspiration from the best roguelike games, taking you on a series of increasingly difficult battles across a web of encounters akin to the likes of Slay the Spire or FTL, with the focus on combat over story. You’ll snag new transformations, pets, and other rewards as you traverse the map, and when a run ends, you can promote your favorite heroes and bring them back into the core game. With 75 battle maps, 20 new boss fights, 20 new artifacts and augments, and new shadow spirit and shadow weapons to find both in Omenroad and the base game, this is certainly a very substantial offering.

Wildermyth Omenroad DLC adds new story and roguelike mode to beloved indie RPG - The new challenge mode.

The Wildermyth Omenroad DLC arrives Thursday May 16. If you want to take a closer look at what you can expect, or add it to your wishlist to get a notification once it’s available, you can do so via Steam.

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