Get one of 2023’s best roguelikes dirt cheap in new Steam sale

Get ready to join in on Chucklefish's 11th birthday celebrations by grabbing some of the publisher's games during their Steam sale.

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Well-known indie game developer and publisher Chucklefish is celebrating its anniversary this year with a commemorative Steam sale. There are heavy discounts on many of their most beloved titles, ranging from the older Starbound to the newer roguelike hit Wildfrost. With everything from single-player games to multiplayer, the titles included offer deals to a wide range of players. If you are a fan of fast-paced fights and pixelated adventures, then this birthday sale is definitely worth a look.

I love indie games, especially now in a time where I find myself disappointed by triple-A releases more often than not. As an indie game fan, there are few publishers as big as Chucklefish that I recognize. The company has dipped its toes into many of my favorite games, like Stardew Valley (prior to the publishing rights being handed back over to ConcernedApe). Most of these, including Stardew, began as small games with devoted communities before exploding with popularity into the wider gaming scene.

Chucklefish is definitely one of those game publishers that has seen its games reach mass success. This track record is a big reason I am excited to see their celebratory Steam sale, featuring many good examples of hit indie games. You can delve into story rich experiences like Eastward now for 49% off, or dive straight into crafting games such as Starbound which is a whopping 60% off. Do keep in mind that both of those games are available on Game Pass if you are subscribed there.

Other fun games are also on sale, like Wargroove at 70% off or Wildfrost which is 10% off. The sale also features a good “Chucklefish & Friends” Steam bundle at 65% off, which would leave you with eight games for just $51.05 / £41.01. Be sure to snag the bundle or any of the other discounted games quickly as the Chucklefish sale will end on June 6. Thankfully, I have a few of the bundled pack’s games already, so I can grab the rest at an even lower price.

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