Invasion: Nexus adds vanity pets, same-faction PvP and a new raid to WildStar

WildStar Invasion: Nexus

Carbine’s just updated the WildStar PTR with the next phase of the game, Invasion: Nexus. It’s a big update that chucks in wee quality of life improvements along with new areas, a brand-spanking new raid and a same-faction PvP mode. 

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“Community feedback continues to be our guide to improving WildStar, and we think that this new update really shows it. INVASION: Nexus improves and expands what players love about WildStar -blasting off to new frontiers on the galaxy’s most legendary planet,” writes creative director Chad Moore, in the update blog post.

Requested features like vanity pets, the ability to change costumes without visiting the appearance modifier and same-faction PvP are apparently often requested features, so they’re in, along with a whole bunch of other things.

There’s the 20-person raid, Initialization Core Y-83, which threatens Nexus with a plague that’ll turn everyone into a “crazed techn- zombie”, and for those with no time to raid, there are bite-sized adventures to be found in contracts, which will still let players work towards getting powerful, shiny loot.

Carbine’s tossing in an alternate reality adventure too. I’ll let Carbine tell you all about it, because it’s gibberish to me.

“Bay of Betrayal is an all-new Adventure set in an alternate version of the Levian Bay zone, where players are set on a path to infiltrate the Ascendancy and deal with its leader, Calidor Antevian. Calidor has recently discovered technopaths, individuals with a talent for controlling Eldan technology, and seeks to identify and recruit the best of them into the Ascendancy’s elite.

“Step into the Sim-Core and take on the role of a technopath candidate for the Ascendancy. Enter a high-stakes competition against other candidates with technopathic abilities, taking on deadly foes and the insidious challenges to become the first to crack an Eldan vault. Victory will bring you one step closer to Brother Calidor’s inner circle, and seriously big rewards.”

You can take a look for yourself in the PTR.