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Invasion: Nexus hits WildStar, bringing cute pets and not so cute robot zombies

WildStar Invasion: Nexus update is live

After a couple of months of testing, WildStar’s big update, Invasion: Nexus, is now live. Carbine’s MMO has been invaded by all manner of things, from a slew of nasties determined to beat up Dominion and Exile heroes to fluffy, adorable pets. 

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Here’s a rundown of what to you can expect from Invasion: Nexus:

It’s easier to look rad, there are wee beasties to collect, and the world’s being threatened by robot zombies and alien invaders — that should keep people busy.

The aforementioned robot zombies can be found in a new 20-player raid, Initialization Core Y-83, while the horde of alien foes can be found causing trouble in the new level 50 zone, Star-Comm Basin.

Direct your eyes toward the full patch notes if you want to spend a painfully long time browsing all the other additions and tweaks.