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Wildstar is getting a visual upgrade


Wildstar might have just gone free-to-play in its massive Reloaded update, but Carbine aren’t stopping there. After already making the game’s difficult curve less steep and tweaking some systems, Wildstar is getting some visual enhancements, too. 

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Lighting, skyboxes, and viewing distance will all be improved in upcoming patches, with early stages taking priority and the team working their way up from there. This kicks off in Wildstar: Reloaded with a lighting pass starting on a few of the earlier areas.

“Where before large sections of zones had sort of flat single-point lighting, we’re going back and making it more realistic by increasing the number of sources that light up the environment,” reads the announcement. “We’ve also added effects such as the rays from an otherworldly star – or a glow from a campfire – that all go into bringing the look and feel of an environment together.

“While still fairly time-intensive, it’s allowing us to make some dramatic improvements to the visual quality of the game without needing to touch the already high-quality models and textures in the game.”

There are some comparison screens on the site, though the pictures aren’t of the exact same areas in the locations, which would have been nice.