The Witcher 2 modding tools arrive to make complex RPG development a cinch


CD Projekt RED have been yammering about their modding tools since last Gamescom, but to date we’ve only been allowed the occasional ogle at the creations of beta testers. Until right now – or at least, right at whichever moment this morning the developers deigned to make the REDkit site live.

I’m pretty excited about this, even as CD Projekt move forward with REDengine 3, their new open world tech. With REDkit, modders can exploit the same non-linear quest flowcharting developed for The Witcher 2. Not to mention all this:

  • Create big, living worlds
  • Give birth to entire communities
  • Bring believable characters to life
  • Plant realistic forests in just a few clicks
  • Easily import new objects to use in your adventure
  • Effortlessly share your creations with the community

Neverwinter Nights’ simple, deep modding tools* spawned hundreds of killer modules in the last decade, and I firmly believe that there are just as many high concept mods lurking in players’ brain stems today, just waiting to be poked. Enough to justify this soundtrack, I’ll wager:

Slapstick dwarf-punting RPGs are fine too, obvs. You can download REDkit in patch 3.4, either to begin modding yourself or to sample the beta community’s creations via the new mod manager. Let us know if you find anything special, won’t you?

*The very tools used to build The Witcher 1, don’tchaknow.