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The Witchfire release date is set for this year, grab your shotguns

Witchfire, the dark fantasy FPS roguelite from The Astronauts, will release in early access form later this year - so grab your pitchforks or, well, guns.

A skeletal warrior with glowing red eyes attacks the player in a burning village as the player raises their shotgun

Set in a macabre, war-torn world where witches are public enemy number one, The Astronauts’ Witchfire is the grimdark roguelite shooter I’ve been craving. Thankfully, I won’t need to wait for much longer, as the Witchfire release date is set for later this year, and I am beyond excited.

War ravages the land. Witches have risen up and set their eyes on the Church, with the Vatican responding in kind and sending out hordes of vicious witch hunters called Preyers – I see that pun, and I like it.

Armed to the teeth with magic and a rather impressive arsenal of guns, your job is to slay the witches and their evil minions in style, chaining together your magic and gun skills to drive them back in the Vatican’s name.

Set amid myriad grimy medieval cities and crumbling, worn ruins, Witchfire marries dark fantasy with modern shooter to create a story that’s perfect for those who trend towards the darkness – and it goes without saying that I am one of them.

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If that all sounds right up your bloodstained alley, the Witchfire release date is set for Wednesday, September 20 2023. Bear in mind the game is launching in early access, and is only available via the Epic Games Store for now.

Speaking to Epic Games News, creative director and co-founder of The Astronauts Adrian Chmielarz highlights the fact that the team has championed Witchfire’s “world and lore. I believe this enhances the experience even for the people who claim they don’t care about the stories in games at all.” You can read Chmielarz’s short story about the Preyer here to dive into some of the game’s gory history.

I, for one, love anything to do with witches and dark magic. Having dragged my father to Salem on a recent trip to America, I’m riding high on my metaphorical broomstick, and can’t wait to get stuck into the world of Witchfire.

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