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Steam FPS game with almost perfect reviews suddenly drops new episode

Channeling Doom, Hexen, Heretic, and the fantasy boomer shooters of the ‘90s, one beloved Steam FPS just shadow dropped a big update.

Wizordum Steam FPS game: A mage fighting monsters in Steam boomer shooter FPS game Wizordum

You think ‘90s shooters, you think Doom, Half-Life, and Quake. But it wasn’t all super shotguns and crowbars – we had spells and sorcery back in the boomer shooter era, too. Alongside id Software’s 1993 monolith and Valve’s scientific opus, Heretic and Hexen have slipped into relative obscurity. But their spirit lives on thanks to a supremely fast, devoutly fun Steam FPS game that has almost perfect reviews from players, and just dropped a massive new episode right out of nowhere.

Published by Apogee, the legendary PC label that, in its previous incarnation, shepherded Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, and Max Payne to launch, Wizordum is like the reincarnation of Heretic and Hexen, albeit with a brighter aesthetic, faster pace, and modernized FPS game mechanics. As a fierce mage, attempting to track down the source of a world-eating chaotic magic, you wield spells, weapons, power-ups, and classic boomer-shooter-style circle strafing to conquer enemies, solve puzzles, and beat levels in record time.

Originally launched in November, Wizordum has so far earned a ‘very positive’ rating on Steam, where a huge 94% of player reviews are favorable. Now, the shooter has suddenly dropped its second enormous chapter.

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Wizordum episode two introduces an entirely new location (and with it various new levels), an additional “godlike” weapon in the form of the lightning-launching Storm Gauntlets, giant mountable rats that you can use to destroy your foes, alternate fire modes, and new power-ups.

There’s also the new Sorcerer’s Shop where you can exchange battlefield loot for additional abilities and skills, adding a roguelike game twist to Wizordum’s fast-paced FPS play.

While episode two is available right this second, Wizordum episode three will arrive this winter, introducing yet more locations, new enemies, and new weapons. If you want to try the shooter for yourself, including its latest chapter, it’s available on Steam for $14.99 / £12.79. Just head right here.

Otherwise, enjoy a trip down videogame memory lane with the best old games, or maybe try some of the best fantasy games, if you want to wreak more havoc with magic and conjury.

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