Here’s that Wolfenstein 3D x Super Monkey Ball crossover you were looking for

Good news if you're a fan of classic FPS and arcade games

Super Monkey Ball. Wolfenstein 3D. One’s a classic of the console gaming scene that charts a hero’s journey through many challenging levels, with obstacles to overcome, lives to preserve, and a mission to succeed against all odds – and the other is the third entry in the Wolfenstein FPS games series. They’re not two titles you might have naturally put together, but put together they have been in a zany new browser game that’s a mash-up of B.J. Blazkowicz, a procedurally generated fortress, and bananas (oh, so many bananas).

Return to Castle Monkey Ball is a free fan-made arcade game from creator Nickireda, which can be found on The game sees you battle your way through eight procedurally generated fortress floors in an attempt to escape against a timer – but that’s not all there is to it. Where the Super Monkey Ball bit comes in is in the many bananas strewn about its hallways, which you’ll need to scoop up to boost your score.

Plus, you’ll find BJ tears around the fortress encased in a transparent bubble, Monkey Ball-style, which helps him batter baddies out of the way, too. That’ll help you score some time bonuses as you play.

As you can see in the free game’s launch trailer below, Return to Castle Monkey Ball is, both visually and gameplay-wise, a pretty impressive and faithful mash-up of the two classic titles. Take a peek for yourself:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you’re keen to find out more or take a look at the game yourself, you can find it on here. We also have a rundown of the best new games to dip into right now if you’re on the lookout for some other things to try right now.