Wolfenstein: The New Order release date is either larger or closer in Europe and Australia

Wolfenstein: The New Order comes from veterans of early Starbreeze.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is out now; here’s our Wolfenstein: The New Order review.

Last time Bethesda tried to announce something about Wolfenstein’s release, it was buried beneath the deafening rumble of ten thousand people intoning: “DOOOOOOOOOOM”.

Now that it has room to breathe, however, we can appreciate MachineGames’ Riddick-indebted adventure shooter on its own terms. And enjoy the knowledge that we’ll all be tackling the alternate reality Third Reich together as a sort of international taskforce.

Wolfenstein was originally scheduled to launch on Friday, May 23 in Europe and Australia – but has been pulled forward three days to bring the release in line with North America. The New Order is now out on Tuesday, May 20.

That new date applies to all platforms – so we can expect Blazkowicz to emerge from his coma on PC at precisely the same time he does on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Hang on, what’s that low droning noise? DooooooOOOOOOM. Every pre-ordered copy of the game comes with an IOU note from Bethesda, promising a place in a future beta.

“An insert will be included inside your boxed copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order,” write the publishers. “Once the key code is redeemed, you’ll be registered to participate in the DOOM beta once it begins.”

Will you buying Wolfenstein for Doom 4, or for the train ticket to Berlin?