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Wolfenstein Youngblood seems to be making fun of Donald Trump

Wolfenstein Youngblood is all about killing Nazis, but it's possible the developers may not think much of Donald Trump either.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Trump

When Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus came out, it faced surprising criticism from some parties with its ‘Nazis are bad and you should shoot them‘ viewpoint – despite that being the theme of all the other games in the series, and pretty much every other videogame and movie ever made.

Bethesda was seemingly happy to fan the “controversy” with the ad campaign slogan ‘Make America Nazi-Free Again’ – which was presumably an allusion to Donald Trump’s party’s famous ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan. Now Wolfenstein Youngblood, the next game in the Wolfenstein series, is out – and it also seemingly contains a reference to current US president Donald Trump, and not a flattering one.

Throughout Youngblood there are many newspapers, log entries, letters, and other pieces of lore for players to find scattered around the environment – just as there has been in previous games. In Youngblood, however, there is a note called ‘Publisher’s Rejection Letter’ – which seems to feature a thinly-veiled criticism of Donald Trump, and one of his more infamous ideas.

You can see the letter below, as spotted and posted by Twitter user The Chimpy Man. It’s addressed to a writer named “Tritten” who’s trying to sell a story to a publishing house, and takes the form of a rejection letter for his novel. Have a read first, and see if anything seems familiar about the story to you.

The fictional novel seems to be making fun of Trump’s concept of a border wall between the US and Mexico, which has been criticised since he first spoke about it. The US president has referred to it as both a “great wall” and “made of concrete” in various speeches, and the “inconsistencies” the letter above says may refer to the way Trump continues to change his mind about the supposed wall.

It’s perhaps the last part of the letter which may prove the most controversial, with the fictional publisher saying that no one would believe “a simple conman” could become a leader. It then goes on to call this person “unintelligent and incompetent”, and that they are only good to “clean the toilets of our facilities”. While the letter in Youngblood makes no specific mention of Donald Trump, it’s more than possible that he is the target of this criticism.

Wolfenstein Youngblood is out now, and we quite liked it in fact. You get to shoot a lot of Nazis in it, so the series clearly still believes Nazis are bad and should be shot.