World of Tanks update adds 7v7 battles, new missions, and rewards you missed

Act IV of the WoT anniversary celebrations is kicking off this week

World of Tanks EnCore RT

The World of Tanks 10th anniversary event continues with the return of 7v7 battles. Marking the penultimate Act IV in the tank game’s ongoing celebrations, the mode – Timeless Brawl – pits two teams of seven Tier X tanks against each other in “intense battles” in pursuit of victory – and there’s a batch of new anniversary missions to sink your teeth into, too.

In a press release, developer Wargaming announces the 7v7 mode will hit the game for “one weekend only”, kicking off on July 10 and running through July 13. The Timeless Brawl event is just for Tier X vehicles, though if you’re newer to the game, or just don’t have any tanks of that tier knocking about, and still want to get stuck in, the good news is there’ll be two available to to rent: “the Object 140 and the WZ-111 model 5A”.

The 7v7 battles will be based on the war game’s Encounter mode rules, and take place over five carefully selected maps, with a bunch of tasks to complete along the way.

Additionally, Act IV adds “unique customisation items from the past, including elements that were rewards during the Tank Football, Steel Hunter, and Halloween events”. And, the new missions have a special prize waiting for you at their completion: “a 3D style for the T30, the legendary Tier IX tank destroyer”.

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If you’re excited to dive in, be sure to set some time aside this weekend – the 7v7 mode kicks off tomorrow. Head to the World of Tanks site here to find out more about the anniversary celebrations, as well as what’s to come when Act V arrives soon.