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World of Warcraft 10.2.6 update finally gets a release date

The 10.2.6 update, known as the ‘Pirate Patch’, has a release date, but what the limited-time event brings is as hidden as buried treasure.

A World of Warcraft logo with a pirate flag marks the release of the 10.2.6 update in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, the MMORPG that keeps on giving, has revealed the highly-anticipated and secretive 10.2.6 update release date. The patch will allow players to enjoy a “bold, new, limited-time event”. But, that’s about all we know in terms of content.

With a Tuesday March 19 release date, we know that it’s coming several weeks before the much-talked about Dragonflight season 4 for the MMORPG gameWith players not getting pre-release access to Dragonflight, it’s the slither of content bridging the gap for eager fans. 

World of Warcraft update tweet from Holly Longdale

Prior to the World of Warcraft 10.2.6 update date reveal, Holly Longdale, producer on Dragonflight, responded on Twitter to a comment around the update’s global release, “Not having a global release date for 10.2.6 doesn’t feel good.” To which she said, “We really wanted to. We discussed it a lot. This is… uhm… like wearing two eyepatches on a unicycle in rush hour. Exciting and unpredictable. We will all be learning together on this one.”

In the official announement post by Blizzard, there was also mention that if players haven’t obtained the ‘Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk the Blazing’ achievement while completing the Amirdrassil raid before Dragonflight season 4 begins, then they wouldn’t be able to complete it. Better get to it.

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