WoW Dragonflight Evoker tier set is perfect for Dracthyr

The first tier set for World of Warcraft Dragonflight Evokers has been shown off for the MMORPG, and it'll come just two weeks after the expansion releases

WoW Dragonflight Evoker’s first-ever tier set has been revealed: World of Warcraft Dragonflight red Dragon standing upright

WoW Dragonflight Evokers are getting their first tier set with the Vault of the Incarnates raid in season one, launching just two weeks after the upcoming expansion drops. Long-time fans of the popular MMORPG have been patiently awaiting what the first transmog set will be for the Evoker class, and now, they finally have their first look.

Since Evokers have both a human form and dragon form, the tier set features gear for each form. In human form, it features a full colourful transmog set. But, in their dragon form, they wear very minimal gear that’s hard to even notice at first glance.

The human form gear is absolutely incredible. The helm has curved back horns and an awesome crest covering the forehead. The shoulders are equally as cool, with enormous spikes that crackle and glow toward the bottom. The arms also have curved bones that jut out, and the legs have enormous dragon helmets covering the kneecaps for a nice touch.

In the dragon form, the only parts of the gear set that are visible are shrunken versions of the shoulders and the waistband that covers their crotch. While the gear still looks cool, it’s quite an awkward fit to attach gear to the anthropomorphic models of the Evokers, and overall the tier set looks much better on the humanoid character models.

Just like each of the other Dragonflight season one tier sets, each transmog has a specific colour theme attached to it. Mythic is glowing white and purple, Hero is light blue, Normal is yellow, LFR is aqua, Elite is orange, and Gladiator is full purple. The Mythic and Elite PvP gear each sport animated effects of crackling lightning around the shoulders and helm, which help bring the Evoker gear to life.

Overall, this is a stellar set of gear to start off the Evoker class, even if the dragon-form gear doesn’t quite hit the mark. The Elite PvP stands out the most as the fire red and burning yellow really fit the theme of the class.

You can check out the WoW Dragonflight Evoker tier set via Wowhead here.

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