WoW Dragonflight gets official art book, but it has a mistake

WoW Dragonflight is getting an art book titled The Dragonflight Codex, a potential counterpart to WoW Shadowlands: Grimoire of the Shadowlands and Beyond

WoW Dragonflight gets official art book, but it has a mistake: A red dragon roars on its hind legs

An Amazon listing for a brand new WoW book has been discovered and will give a detailed look at the dragons that will be starring in MMORPG’s upcoming expansion, Dragonflight.

The book, titled The Dragonflight Codex, is set to have 100 never-before-seen illustrations of the flying beasts that will take center stage in the next chapter of the WoW story. The book is set to be a comprehensive guide to all of the dragons of Azeroth, both new and old.

Although the Amazon listing claims that the book will be written by a “wise bronze dragon” Khadgar, WoW’s narrative lead Steve Danuser said this is an error, and that Khadgar is in fact not a bronze dragon. The news came to some as a potential spoiler for the expansion, but it turned out to just be incorrect information.

Danuser states, “Khadgar may use bronzer on occasion to give his skin a glow-up (he doesn’t get outside the tower much), but he is not a bronze dragon.”

The Dragonflight Codex comes from Insight Editions, a book publisher known for adapting popular IP into art books for dedicated fans to collect. The company has a history of publishing World of Warcraft books like A is for Azeroth: ABC’s of Warcraft, and World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook.

The new Dragonflight book could also be a counterpart to 2021’s Grimoire of the Shadowlands and Beyond, although that hasn’t officially been revealed yet. Each of the books is officially licensed by developer Blizzard Entertainment and expands on the world both narratively as well as visually.

The Dragonflight Codex has a tentative release date of July 11, 2023.

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