WoW Dragonflight cross faction play is now even easier

WoW Dragonflight is introducing shared mob tags between ungrouped Horde and Alliance players as Blizzard's MMO continues to promote cross-faction play

WoW Dragonflight cross-faction play just got easier: An orc woman with green skin and a mowhawk stands next to a white gnome with pink sideswept hair

For the very first time in the long-running MMORPG’s history, WoW Dragonflight will introduce shared mob tags across factions. Beginning in the expansion’s pre-patch, which still does not have an official release date, players from both Horde and Alliance will be able to share mob tags while ungrouped with one another.

To tag an enemy means that you’re the first player to have engaged them in combat, granting you the ability to defeat them and gain experience, as well as that highly coveted loot. Other players can identify that a mob has already been tagged by another player if their health bar has turned grey.

In World of Warcraft’s early days, tagging an enemy meant only that one player could receive the XP and loot from killing that mob. Developer Blizzard Entertainment reduced these restrictions over time to promote cooperative play, with Dragonflight now allowing for cross-faction mob pulls.

According to Wowhead, once this change goes live in the Dragonflight pre-patch, players with War Mode enabled will not have this function activated. And, for those who don’t have War Mode on, there will be a limit of five players that can tap one mob to get both loot and experience.

This change is massive for WoW players who are questing out in the open world and want to quickly collaborate with players on the opposite faction to tear their enemies apart. Being able to swiftly tag mobs together will make levelling much easier, and helps Blizzard to continue and promote cross-faction play – something that has become a big part of this upcoming expansion.

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