WoW Dragonflight gives druid treant form a makeover, and fans love it

WoW Dragonflight is delivering a much-needed visual update for the druid treant form, adding some much needed pizazz to one of the MOBA's most popular classes

WoW Dragonflight gives druid treant form a makeover, and fans love it: Tree monster with big green eyes stands on forest backdrop

WoW Dragonflight plans to shake up the popular MMORPG in a massive way. Developer Blizzard Entertainment has planned the expansion as a return to roots for a franchise that sorely needs it, offering huge system changes like reverting back to the old talent trees, although players have already pushed back on some of their reimaginings for specific classes.

Another area Blizzard has honed in on is visual updates to continue to make older in-game models not such an eyesore. Dragonflight is currently in closed beta, and playtesters have taken notice of a handful of characters that have gotten visual upgrades including Alexstraza and Hogger.

Now, a Reddit user Grayvves has noticed that Blizz has updated druid’s Treant form. The redditor went viral after posting a video to the WoW subreddit of the old treant model turning into the new one. The newer model is seemingly completely remade from the ground up, sporting bushier hair, larger hands, a thicker base, and a more pronounced face. The updated treant model also has a glossier finish to the tree overall, making it a more modern design that should fit into the next expansion quite well.

Users in the comment section were thrilled by the design. One said, “they did an amazing job! Would love to see more of this: updating models without changing the original design much or at all. Seems like a very resource-efficient way to update outdated models like this one.”

With World of Warcraft being such an old game, dating all the way back to its initial launch in 2004, there are plenty of in-game models that need love to make them more presentable. The druid’s treant form, easily its most forgotten form in favor of the Tree of Life form for Druid healers, sorely needed some sprucing up.

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