WoW Dragonflight HUD update gets thumbs up from fans

WoW Dragonflight players are praising Blizzard’s addition of a new HUD feature that adds a snap-to-grid option, in turn reducing the need for external addons

WoW Dragonflight HUD update gets thumbs up from fans: A black bipedal dragon wearing a black hood roars with arms and wings extended

WoW Dragonflight is shaping up to offer more HUD customization than of the popular MMORPG‘s other expansions. In Dragonflight’s most recent beta update, the game’s new HUD was made official along with a new edit mode that offers player’s the option to enable Snap for UI elements.

This means that if the new background grid is enabled, players will have the option to snap objects on their HUD to the grid lines. Anything can be snapped into place, like various action bars and their character portrait.

Enabling this new edit mode will likely reduce the need for multiple addons to get players’ UIs exactly the way they like it, freeing up space in storage and allowing the game to run smoother. It will also allow players to perfectly align all of their action bars together, making for simple, clean interfaces.

WoW fans universally praised the changes by Blizzard on the game’s subreddit, with one noting: “Thank f*ck. I am seriously going to start Dragonflight with absolutely zero addons and just see what I actually need. At this rate, the only thing they would have to add would be a DPS meter and my only addons would be Weakauras and boss mods.”

Another player said, “Thank God. Honestly, the grid is useless without a snap-to, in my opinion. I love this change.”

Although WoW has been around for nearly 20 years, it hasn’t offered players much in the way of customizing their UI in-game, instead leading them to opt for third-party options to play that they want to.

This new addition won’t get rid of addons entirely, though, as there still are plenty of addons that will be useful for WoW Dragonflight players to utilize come the expansion’s release.

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