WoW Dragonflight maximum character limit climbs to 60

The WoW Dragonflight maximum character limit per account is getting a nice bump from 50 to 60 total characters, an addition likely inspired by the new Dracthyr

WoW Dragonflight maximum character limit climbs to 60: An orc in golden armour stands on a dark background

Dragonflight is slated to introduce a lot of important gameplay features and system changes to the popular MMORPG, but one of the more major updates has gone under the radar – until now.

When the Dragonflight pre-patch hits live servers on October 25, developer Blizzard Entertainment will be allowing for WoW accounts to host up to 60 characters at a time. The 60-character total is up from 50 in the previous expansion, Shadowlands, and marks a first in the game’s history.

The change, first spotted by Wowhead, was likely implemented because of the new Dracthyr race and Evoker class being introduced in order to let players create new characters. There’s also the potential that, since the devs have opened up the Mage, Priest & Rogue classes to all races, they wanted to give players the opportunity to create more characters with exciting new combos.

In total, with the liberation of the three classes across all races, the devs are introducing eight total new race & class combinations with the new change. For dedicated WoW players who have always dreamed of playing a Tauren Mage or an Orc Priest, this change is a massive one and will certainly put a smile on their faces.

Since the devs removed the limit on characters per server back in the Battle for Azeroth expansion in 2018, all 60 characters can be on one server if you wish. Previously, there could only be up to 16 characters on an account per server.

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