WoW Dragonflight Paladin talents leak adds three new abilities

WoW Dragonflight Paladin talents have been uncovered by data miners who found a handful of new powerful abilities that could potentially be pushed live

WoW Dragonflight Paladin talents

WoW Dragonflight Paladins are set for some major changes in the popular MMORPG’s next expansion. With the return of talent trees in Dragonflight, each class is getting tinkered with in the expansion’s beta as developer Blizzard Entertainment tries to strike the perfect balance ahead of launch.

According to new data mined information coming from Wowhead, it looks like Paladins are set to get a few new talent tree spells that will shake up the dynamic melee class in a major way. 

Here are the new Paladin spells that have been uncovered:

  • Improved Holy Shield: Your chance to block spells is increased by 10%.
  • Improved Lay on Hands: Cooldown of Lay on Hands reduced by 10%.
  • Inspiring Vanguard: Grand Crusader’s chance is increased to 20% and it grants you 2% Strength for eight sec.
  • Reckoning: Hurls a magical hammer that strikes an enemy for (175% of Spell power) Holy damage. When you or allies with your Greater Blessings take damage, the damage of your next Hammer of Reckoning increases.
  • Strength in Adversity: Parry increased by 2% for each target hit by Avenger’s Shield.

While these aren’t guaranteed to hit live servers, it’s possible we will see them hit the Dragonflight beta before the official launch. As for the talents themselves, Improved Holy Shield looks like it will be an option for Protection Paladins – and an incredibly strong one at that.

Improved Lay on Hands could either be a talent for the class tree or Holy specialization, but it will be powerful regardless of where it ends up. Inspiring Vanguard is already in the Paladin class tree, but has a flat strength number instead of a percentage value.

Reckoning also already exists, but as a PvP talent on live servers. The spell has since been removed from Dragonflight’s beta, but could be making a return. Strength in Adversity looks like a new Protection Paladin spell with some serious AoE power.

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