WoW Dragonflight pre-patch: Shadowlands systems and features

The WoW Dragonflight pre-patch has hit live servers, but that doesn’t mean that all of the systems and gameplay features from Shadowlands are gone

WoW Dragonflight pre-patch: Shadowlands systems and features: Two characters in different armour stand on a forest background

The WoW Dragonflight pre-patch has officially launched, and while most players are eager to dive into the MMORPG‘s new content for the very first time, not everything from the previous expansion, Shadowlands, will be completely removed.

Typically when a new expansion drops developer Blizzard Entertainment will move on from the previous one’s major mechanics, but with Shadowlands having had so many, not all of them are hitting the back burner just yet.

With the reintroduction of talent trees, Blizzard has repurposed some of the Shadowlands’ talents so they can fit neatly into the new talent trees for each class and specialization. Although, some of the talents obtained via Covenants and Legendary gear will overlap with the new ones, and players have found that the talent tree ability will always override the Shadowlands one. So, make sure you aren’t doubling up on a talent that’s going to waste.

Soulbinds, Covenants, and Conduits are still a feature in the popular MMORPG, but now they will only be accessible in Shadowlands zones. On top of that, tier set bonuses from Shadowlands are now completely disabled.

Blizzard has given the new Evoker class Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits retroactively so they don’t feel left out from the other classes.

Legendaries will still function, but like Covenants and Soulbinds, they will only work in Shadowlands content and zones from that expansion. While not everything from the Shadowlands is gone, Blizzard is making sure that the system and content they put out throughout the expansion won’t just die off with the release of Dragonflight.

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