WoW Dragonflight Shaman tier set is as solid as a rock

The WoW Dragonflight shaman tier set has been revealed, showing off the rewards for players who complete the new Vault of the Incarnates raid

WoW Dragonflight Shaman tier set is as solid as a rock: A green orc wearing heavy fabric robes stands with a hammer on a sunny blue forest backdrop

The WoW Dragonflight shaman tier set has been unveiled, and players of the nature-bending class in the MMORPG will appreciate the new gear – but maybe not every specialization will find it appealing.

Shamans are spiritual guides who control the elements. With that, most of the popular transmog gear sets follow an elemental theme, like Tyrannical Gladiator’s Ringmail and Regalia of the Firebird. However, the Dragonflight Season one transmog set for shamans takes a slightly different approach to present the power and style of the class.

The new tier set was shown off by Wowhead, and revealed a transmog set that’s very sturdy, and covers the Shaman player completely in thick stone. The shoulders are absolutely enormous, with a huge spike in the back on each side along with a floating stone in the middle. The helm entirely covers the head with a rock-plated armour that sends more spikes towards the back with a symmetrical design.

The chest and legs are also quite cool, as they have spikes on each side of the belt and a cape that connects from the front to the back. The legs have a crackling design that resembles molten lava, likely inspired by one of the shaman’s’ most iconic spells.

This transmog might be popular for Enhancement and Elemental Shaman players, as the design fits their theme of dealing damage more naturally, but Restoration Shamans may want a different look as the design doesn’t necessarily scream ‘healer.’

As with all the Dragonflight Season one tier set designs, each transmog has a different colour attached to it. Mythic is glowing white with some purple, Hero is light blue, Normal is yellow, LFR is aqua, Elite is orange, and Gladiator is full purple.

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