World of Warcraft fated raids bug ‘not a quick fix’ says dev

A World of Warcraft fated raids bug causing broken abilities in Fated Castle Nathria is described by Blizzard as a complicated issue to fix in the MMORPG

WoW Fated Raids bug: Sire Denathrius from Castle Nathria

A World of Warcraft fated raids bug that is causing many abilities to malfunction and underperform in the higher difficulty Shadowlands raids will probably not be fixed quickly, according to Blizzard. The bug, which is causing a wide range of different abilities to deal significantly less damage or healing in the MMORPG, is apparently a more complicated issue than initially suspected.

Responding to some initial reports of abilities dealing significantly reduced damage in the Fated Castle Nathria raid, Blizzard community manager Kaivax says, “We are aware of and working on a bug causing some player abilities to malfunction in fated raids. Our investigation so far has revealed a complicated problem that we do not expect to be able to fix quickly.” They emphasise that the issue is being considered a top priority by the team.

Players in the thread are reporting dramatic nerfs to their expected output. One arcane mage user says that Touch of the Magi is applying “about 10% of what I’d expect” damage-wise, while their Harmonic Echo skill is dealing about one-eighth of the expected damage. It seems likely that this level of potency reduction is consistent, as a mistweaver monk reports their Ancient Teachings of the Monastery power heals for only 25% of their damage dealt, instead of the expected 250%.

Among the abilities currently listed by players as functioning incorrectly are:

  • Feral druid’s Frenzyband
  • Guardian druid’s Ursoc’s Fury Remembered
  • Beast mastery hunter’s Beast Cleave
  • Fire mage’s Mastery: Ignite
  • Arcane mage’s Touch of the Magi and Harmonic Echo
  • Monk’s Bonedust Brew
  • Mistweaver monk’s Ancient Teachings of the Monastery
  • Discipline priest’s Atonement
  • Shadow priest’s Psychic Link
  • Outlaw rogue’s Blade Flurry
  • Subtlety rogue’s Shadow Blades
  • Enhancement shaman’s Feral Spirit

Fated Castle Nathria, which launched on August 2, is the first in a series of weekly rotations for the three Shadowlands raids. Sanctum of Domination and Sepulcher of the First Ones will be rotated in over the coming weeks, each taking its turn as the higher difficulty challenge with similarly higher item level loot to be obtained. Hopefully, Blizzard is able to find a fix for this issue quickly, as it could make the raids borderline unplayable for affected specs.

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