WoW Dragonflight alpha patch notes: Thaldraszus, Warrior revamp

The WoW Dragonflight alpha continues to evolve, with new patch notes dropping with each phase via Blizzard, so here's everything you need to know right now

World of Warcraft WoW Dragonflight dragonriding drake roaring next to volcano

The next World of Warcraft expansion, WoW Dragonflight, is out in the public eye in alpha form. As Blizzard continues to roll out alpha tests, here are all of the latest developmental patch notes to keep you up to date.

As players from across Azeroth take their first steps into World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s spectacular Dragon Isles, there’s a lot to get excited about. Currently available in alpha form, players have been able to customise their own Dracthyr, Dragonride, and truly push the game to its limits.

Taking a new approach to testing, Blizzard are rolling out a series of alphas focusing on different zones in order to get more streamlined feedback. With each alpha taking us to a new corner of this mysterious continent, as well as introducing swathes of changes to pre-existing classes and professions, there’s a lot to keep on top of.

Luckily, we’re here to do it for you. Below is a breakdown of what’s going on with the current alpha; from the zones that are available to updates on your favorite classes. Here are the full WoW Dragonflight alpha patch notes.

New Zone: Thaldraszus

A new race means a new starting zone, and The Forbidden Reach happens to be the home of the Dracthyr, WoW Dragonflight’s draconic race that also happen to be a class of their own.

Players will have to recreate their character from scratch and will start at level 58, with level 60 being the alpha’s cap. Templates are available if you don’t want to waste time creating another character, so you’ll be able to dive in relatively quickly.

We also leave The Waking Shores behind to explore Thaldraszus. A mountainous region that is the true beating heart of the Dragon Isles, players will be able to explore its caves and caverns to uncover its mysteries for of warcraft wow dragonflight dracthyr stands in azure span

Warrior revamp and trees

Throughout the first alpha test Blizzard committed to a series of different talent tree revamps for the likes of Hunters and Death Knights. These will be fully implemented in this alpha, as well a new talent tree forWarriors.

While there aren’t too many changes, the aim of the new tree is to make combat feel more fluid, and provide Warriors with the opportunity to better enhance specific elements.

Profession specialisations

Not only will we now be able to level up our Cooking, Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking professions, you’ll be able to make use of the all-new specialisations, which unlock at level 25 of your specific profession (Cooking excluded).

For this alpha players can visit the Associate Professor Instructataur vendor to pick up Professor Instructataur’s Top Secret Guide, which will give you 50 specialisation points to use at your whim, allowing you to test out the new system.

world of warcraft wow dragonflight the forbidden reach dracthyr starting zone

WoW Dragonflight Alpha: Patch notes

Below are the full patch notes for the latest instalment in WoW Dragonflight’s alpha testing saga, courtesy of Activision Blizzard.


  • New Race and Class: Dracthyr Evoker
  • The Renewed Proto-Drake is now customizable in the Rostrum of Transformation.
  • User Interface HUD Revamp


  • The Dragonriding Talent Tree is now available.
  • Dragonriding now features advanced turning tech that helps the drakes feel more weighty and turning more of a decision.
  • While boosted to very fast speeds, new tech will adjust the camera’s field-of-view. This can be disabled with the “Reduce Camera Motion” option inside the “Motion Sickness” section of the “Accessibility” menu.
  • When running into objects and walls, velocity is now lost based on angle and collision duration.
  • Dragon Glyphs are hidden throughout the skies over the Waking Shores! Fly through them to unlock achievements.
  • The Dragonriding Skill Track is now accessible at the dragonriding trainer Lithragosa located in Skytop Observatory.
    • Not all skills are displayed or implemented, but the player may earn points by collecting Dragon Glyphs and spend them for progression.


  • Thaldraszsus
  • The Forbidden Reach
  • Removed: The Waking Shore


  • Neltharus
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
  • Ruby Life Pools


  • Level 58 Dracthyr Template (The Forbidden Reach starting experience)
  • Level 68 Character Template
  • Level 70 Max
  • Mechagnomes are currently locked


  • Mage, Priest, and Rogue available for all races
    • Death Knight
    • Druid
    • Hunter
    • Priest
    • Rogue
    • Shaman
    • Mage
    • Paladin: Protection and Retribution
    •  Warrior
      • We feel that all three Warrior specializations have excellent foundations for both their class fantasies and with regard to how fun their rotations are to play. So, our goal for the class in Dragonflight has been to evolve and enhance each specialization rather than to revolutionize or rebuild them.
        We’re trying to strike a balance between existing things you know and love, exciting new talents and greatest hits from that past such as Blood and Thunder, Odyn’s Fury and Cold Steel, Hot Blood.
        With this in mind, players should expect core rotations to feel comfortable and familiar but with a much wider variety of choice in terms of which elements they can enhance. In addition to this we’re also attempting to build in support to enable players to experiment with more varied playstyles if they desire, such as the Arms being able to heavily investing in damage over time abilities and Fury being able to double down on auto attacks.


  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmithing
  • Cooking
    • Developers’ note: Firelord Nomi is back and well versed in all of the new Cooking recipes in Dragonflight. He is located next to the other Profession Trainers in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar and the Trade District in Stormwind.
    • Inscription
    • Developer’s note: In this Alpha build, Inscription has been enabled and can be trained by the Associate Professor Instructaur in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. In addition to the traditional Inscription recipes, we’re introducing a new system to Inscription: the Darkmoon Deck Box. Scribes that have fully unlocked the Darkmoon Mysteries specialization tree will be able to make Darkmoon Booster Packs that contain the cards necessary to create traditional Darkmoon Decks much like before. However, Scribes can now use these Darkmoon Decks to craft Darkmoon Deck Boxes, which are higher item level and are able to be inscribed with Scale Sigils that allow them to customize their Darkmoon Deck Box with different attributes, such as removing all Even cards from the deck, shuffling faster or only shuffling when the player jumps.
      Please note that for Alpha purposes, the Darkmoon Ace cards can be bought from Reagent Lord Herbataur. The other remaining cards will need to be crafted by Scribes.
    •  Jewelcrafting
      • Developers’ note: In this Alpha build, Jewelcrafting has been enabled and can be trained by the Associate Professor Instructaur in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. While cutting gems and Prospecting remain the focus of Jewelcrafting in Dragonflight, we’re also expanding the amount of novelty items that Jewelcrafting can craft, with new Statues, toys and other consumables. We’re also interested in feedback on the new Primalist gems and the Tiered Medallion Setting consumable, which will allow you to add additional sockets to your Dragonflight Necklaces.
    • Leatherworking
      • Developers’ note: In this Alpha build, Leatherworking has been enabled and can be trained by the Associate Professor Instructaur in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. In addition to feedback on the recipes and consumable items from Leatherworking, we’re also interested in feedback on the new Equip and Set effects that can be found on multiple crafted Leatherworking pieces.
      • Skinning
        • Developer’s note: In this Alpha build, Skinning has been enabled and can be trained by the Associate Professor Instructaur in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. While the core gameplay of Skinning remains largely unchanged for Dragonflight, we are adding a new consumable that aims to give Skinners a new form of gameplay: Creature Baits. Skinners will be able to create and place Creature Baits to lure elusive creatures out of hiding.
          Please note that for Alpha purposes, the cooldown on Creature Baits has been removed so that players can use the item and give feedback. These items will have a medium length cooldown in their final version, which can be reduced by Bait Crafter Specialization traits.
  • Specializations
    • Developers’ note: In this Alpha build, Alchemy and Blacksmithing Professions now have their Specializations enabled. Unlocking Specializations requires 25 skill in that Profession. Once unlocked, players can spend Specialization points to unlock various bonuses for their Profession. Below are a few Specialization paths for Alchemy and Blacksmithing:
      • Potion Mastery – Improve at crafting potions and related alchemist stones, gaining +1 Crafting Skill per point in this specialization.
        • Batch Production – Master the art of producing potions more efficiently, gaining +1 Multicraft per point in this specialization.
      • Weaponsmithing – Improve at making weapons and large tools, gaining +1 Crafting Skill per point in this Specialization.
        • Long Blades – Improve at making long bladed weapons and tools such as swords, glaives and sickles, gaining +1 Crafting Skill per point in this Specialization.
      • Jewelcrafting
        • Faceting — Improve at cutting gems, gaining + 1 Crafting Skill for all gem cuts per point in this specialization.
          • Fire — Improve at cutting gems with fire, gaining +1 Crafting Skill for all fire cuts per point in this specialization.
        • Enterprising — Improve in the business of jewelcrafting, gaining +1 Crafting Skill for miscellaneous crafts per point in this specialization.
          • Prospecting — Improve in the delicate task of prospecting to increase yield and efficiency, gaining +1 Resourcefulness when prospecting per point in this specialization.
      • Leatherworking
        • Chain Armor Crafting — Improve at making mail armor, gaining +1 Crafting Skill per point in this specialization.
          • Intricate Chain — Improve at making intricate chain armor for the hands, feet, shoulders and waist, gaining + 1 Crafting Skill per point in this specialization.
        • Primordial Leatherworking — Improve at Primordial Leatherworking, gaining + 1 Crafting Skill when crafting elemental, bestial, and decay Leatherworking patters per point in this specialization.
          • Decaying Grasp — Improve at crafting decay patterns, gaining + 1 Crafting Skill per point in this specialization.
      • Skinning
        • Bait Crafter — Improve your skinning efficiency, gaining +1 Finesse while skinning in the Dragon Isles per point in the Specialization.
          • Elemental Infusion — Hone your eye for detail, gaining +1 Perception while skinning in the Dragon Isles per point in the Specialization.
        • Tanning — Improve your capabilities at gathering general materials from creatures, gaining +1 Skill while skinning in the Dragon Isles per point in the Specialization.
          • Leather Mastery — Bolster your knowledge of leather skinning, gaining +1 Skill while skinning leather creatures in the Dragon Isles per point in the Specialization.

If you’re looking to dive into the wonderful world of the Dragon Isles, be sure to check out our WoW Dragonflight alpha preview for some pointers, and download the best WoW addons to help you on your quest.