WoW Halloween event brings popular voice actors and huge prizes

The WoW Halloween event Dance of the Dead returns with a PvP tournament, popular voice actor appearances, and prizes totalling 5.5 million gold

WoW Halloween event brings popular voice actors and huge prizes: A zombie in a pirate outfit stands on a halloween background with Jack 'o' lanterns and a gravestone

The WoW Halloween event, Dance of the Dead, is an annual World of Warcraft community celebration hosted by dedicated players of the popular MMORPG from October 21 to 22, 2022.


The Halloween-themed event will take place in Caer Darrow, an island in the Western Plaguelands, on the RP server of Moon Guard – one of the most active servers in the game. Members of both the Horde and Alliance are welcome to attend the spooky affair.

Just after Dance of the Dead kicks off players will be able to attend a meet-and-greet with famous voice actors who have helped shape World of Warcraft for years. Patrick Seitz, the voice of Arthas and Garrosh, will be in attendance, as well as Patty Matson, who voices Sylvanas. The meet-and-greet for the voice actors will be taking place on the event’s Discord channel.

On October 21, there will be a PvP tournament with a total of two million gold on the line, split up amongst the top three finishers, as well as a $100 / £100 gift card for Hero Forge for the first-place winner.

The next day of the event will be dedicated to D20 RP-PvP, where the prizes will again total two million gold. However, the first-place finisher for this event will receive custom character art that totals $1,000 / £889 in value.

With so much gold on the line and events to take part in, WoW players who enjoy the spooky season of Halloween won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity.

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