Hearthstone’s tavern appears on World of Warcraft’s testing servers

A dataminer has found a Hearthstone tavern in WoW - and you can see the model in full

It looks like World of Warcraft is getting a new location inspired by developer Blizzard’s free-to-play digital card game, Hearthstone. A dataminer has been looking at a new 8.2.5. patch update in the game’s Public Test Realm and found something pretty exciting – a Hearthstone tavern location.

User Martin Benjamins, a programmer and dataminer, has posted some new WoW findings on his Twitter, including a chest filled with balloons presumably to celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary, Zappyboi and Wrathion character models – and a Hearthstone tavern. He says in the comments that he’s not exactly sure of where it’ll be located in-game, but that “there’s a separate map called ‘hearthstone tavern’” and “also a reference to ‘stormwindhearthstone’ on the Assault on Stormwind map”, adding that he’s still trying to work the location out.

Benjamins links to site WoW.tools (advising it might take a little while to load) which lets you view the tavern model in full – and it looks great. There’s a roaring fireplace above which sits the unmistakable Hearthstone logo carved in stone, glimmering with blue light. Shields, swords, and barrels (presumably) full of mead adorn its walls and rafters.

Best of all, the tavern room is full of Hearthstone card tables – but it’s not clear yet if they’ll be functional. Hearthstone card boards in WoW have previously been decorational, and it’s not clear if these will be any different. Regardless, when packed with adventurers the tavern will surely conjure up the buzz and excitement of Hearthstone’s own Inn.

There’s no sign of Innkeeper Harth Stonebrew so far, but who knows, perhaps we may see him “summon ya up a brew” or two from the Inn’s bar when it goes live in-game. Come on in! … but, no shenanigans, eh?