Join World of Warcraft player “Doubleagent” as he dings level 100 as a neutral Pandaren

World of Warcraft Doubleagent

Somewhere, in the lands of Azeroth, a neutral Pandaren is on the cusp of hitting a world first milestone. World of Warcraft player, Doubleagent, is a mere couple days away from hitting level 100 on his factionless Pandaren character; achieved entirely through the picking of herbs.

For this achievement, he’s invited everyone and anyone to come and join him via an “Open Raid”, on Tuesday, March 3rd. “The plan is to have a little tour of the isle before turning 100 next to one of the nodes, just to be a little reminiscent of the Level 90 event.” said Doubleagent.

We’ve covered Doubleagent in the past – both when he achieved his level 90 goal, and in an interview about his motives behind the challenge.

To celebrate level 100, he wants all of Azeroth to join him as he gathers the last herb needed to ding him max level. To make it easy, Doubleagent has created an Open Raid post with all the details on how to join. Here’s the important bits:

  • Pandaren are the only race that can attend this event.
  • You will need a level 10 or higher pandaren for this event (Raid group restriction of level 10)
  • That pandaren must not yet left the Wandering Isle or otherwise chosen a faction.
  • There will be no summons as there are no Pandaren Warlocks and no summoning stones on the isle.

And if the event/raid is full, you can still join by rolling a Pandaren on either Mannoroth, or one of the many realms connected to it e.g. Onyxia, Magtheridon, Blood Furnace, Eredar, Stormreaver, Anetheron, Ysondre, Spinebreaker, Delvengyr and Demonsoul.

Will you be joining him?