Blizzard challenge WoW players - one of Legion’s secrets “isn’t going to be found for six months or more” | PCGamesN

Blizzard challenge WoW players - one of Legion’s secrets “isn’t going to be found for six months or more”

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One of the best-received elements of WoW’s last expansion, Warlords of Draenor, was the addition of more treasures and secrets in the world. Legion is taking this to its logical conclusion, cramming areas with items to find and easter eggs like Xur’ios. In an interview with community site Wowhead, Blizzard designer Jeremy Feasel has issued the challenge that one of Legion’s secrets will stay undiscovered for at least six months.

In our own interview, we discussed Demon Hunters with Feasel and two other Blizzard developers.

Speaking about bringing back cosmetic styles for different types of armour and weapons, Feasel said that they were looking at putting deprecated or extremely rare items in via secret finds or hidden locations. He then goes on to talk about secrets in Legion in general:

“I think we’ve done more in Legion than we’ve done in all of the previous expansions combined, and I will straight up put out the challenge that I think one of the things isn’t going to be found for six months or more.”

Even fellow designer Jonathan LeCraft wasn’t sure that would remain the case. It’s a particularly interesting claim to make in an interview with a site like Wowhead which is, essentially, a tool to make anything in the game findable with ease.

It’s also exactly the sort of thing the game needs. Every expansion has brought higher peaks to every aspect of WoW’s gameplay, and Legion redoubles that - two million gold mounts, prestige systems for PvP, fishing having its very own artifact - an ARG-like secret would be perfect for keeping people engaged.

Here’s the full interview, where Feasel and LeCraft also discuss Demon Hunters in-depth, including the possibilities for a third spec:

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Xerkics avatarAnAuldWolf avatar「Spaerk」 avatarPaco Madreja Moncillos avatarBen Barrett avatarbrmorgen82 avatar
Xerkics Avatar
1 Year ago

They really shouldnt say things like that , they think within a mindset of a person with a reasonable lifestyle job family commitments not a nerd with no life with nothing to do other than collect these lifetime "achievements" etc. Will just be embarrassing when they get collected within a first week of release.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Oh, they know. This is hardly a new tactic. I've seen it used lots of times, and sometimes with even more generous allotments of time for their 'secret' are bragged about. They know it won't be more than a few days before someone figures it out, but hey, there's nothing normal people like more than competing with each other, tooth and nail. Just to WIN. Gotta WIN. You'll see that behaviour everywhere from normals, and it always turns toxic or parasitic. Normal people are driven by an innate, overriding desire to win and be right about everything. Even when it isn't necessary. Perhaps especially when it isn't necessary.

I'm really glad I don't have that drive. I can happily let someone else win. And I regularly do when I'm playing multiplayer games. If more people were like me, multiplayer communities wouldn't be toxic at all. Instead of, you know, the way things are.

Interestingly, that's what killed Battleborn's PvP. Premade teams trouncing every newbie who joins the game.

Oh well. Normal human nature.

「Spaerk」 Avatar
1 Year ago

The only way that could hold true is if they hid it in a gated area that requires you to farm reputation for 6 months or something like that.

Paco Madreja Moncillos Avatar

Actually, they did this very thing 1 year ago with a pet. And it was accidentally found by a player leveling on a low level zone 1 month after introduced.

They too did it with a toy, and again, some player found it by accident while leveling (suspected 3 months after introduced).

I think if they want it be 6 months they can (the pet was a bit hidden and a little bit out of the way, but the toy was barely hidden and just next to a quest hub, in the way of several quests)

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

I'd hope it's for a reason other than "It's where barely any players will be" but I suppose that would be an easy way of doing it.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Nothing to trawl in the normals more than competition and the chance to WIN at the thing, especially when it's meaningless. Blizzard knows their audience. Rather glad that audience isn't me.

brmorgen82 Avatar
1 Year ago

Right, because commenting on wow articles is cooler than playing the game... you must enjoy embarrassing yourself.