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WoW Dragonflight map adds massive changes to Kalimdor

The WoW Dragonflight map has been updated and unexpectedly Blizzard have moved Kalimdor by a pretty substantial amount, baffling players

WoW Dragonflight map sees major changes to Kalimdor: World of Warcraft's in-game map of Azeroth with dragon form Alexstrasza on top

The WoW Dragonflight map has undergone a massive update. The newest expansion is changing up a lot in the popular MMORPG. Blizzard has claimed that the expansion will bring the franchise back to its roots with tons of system changes that hope to bring back a player base that has fled the game for greener pastures.

For dedicated players, Dragonflight is a long-awaited journey into the unknown of the Dragon Isles, a completely new zone in Azeroth with a ton of history and epic lore behind it, some of which reveals the very origins of the planet. With any new continent on Azeroth comes an update to the world map, which has finally been revealed on Dragonflight’s pre-patch on the public test realm. However, the updated map has a change not many Warcraft fans were expecting.

User Grayvves posted their findings to the WoW subreddit, writing “Kalimdor moved a little bit to the east in the new pre-patch.” The photo of the map shows the Dragon Isles in the northwest part of the map, and also shows Kalimdor has shifted inward to the east a sizable amount.

Fans in the comment section speculated what the change could mean. One WoW fan said, “They need space for new zones, lol.” Another added, “I don’t know why they don’t just take the sizes of the original contents on the map, just fake the islands being smaller. Lore wise they aren’t anywhere as big as the continents. It would make sense and look better on the map, and I don’t see it hurting us gameplay-wise.”

For Warcraft players who are serious about the game’s lore, it certainly is an odd change given Blizzard hasn’t altered Azeroth’s main continents too much in the 18 years the game has been out. This could either be making room for more continents down the road or just minor changes.

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