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Mythic WoW raid race cost one team over $93k, so far

The Mythic WoW raid race cost for Team Liquid totals over $93,000 USD, and they haven't even completed Sepulcher of First Ones as of yet

The World of Warcraft raid race has concluded with Team Liquid having spent over $90,000 USD

The World of Warcraft Sepulcher of First Ones mythic run has concluded with a win for esports outfit Echo, but the WoW raid race cost for rival Team Liquid is high – around $93,000 USD at an early estimate, and the team isn’t even finished yet.

The big race to finish the MMO game‘s Sepulcher of First Ones raid on mythic difficulty finally ended after a staggering 18 days. While Echo triumphed, fellow competitor Team Liquid was forced to pause its progress due to the players being “burnt to a crisp” – figuratively, we assume.

While Team Liquid’s win went away, the cost of competing in such a gruelling race didn’t. According to Veyloris on Twitter (via Icy Veins), the team spent roughly 723 million gold during the race. That’s around 4,600 WoW tokens, which equates to $93,000 USD. Liquid is now in debt to the tune of 535 million gold, and it still hasn’t completed the Sepulcher of First Ones raid on mythic just yet – so the number will be even higher when the team is done.

The cost isn’t just in money, either, as Team Liquid’s co-owner Maximum calls the race “pretty damaging” in terms of mental exhaustion. “Certainly something to look to improve if Blizzard is going to do this again,” Maximum adds.

In other news, Blizzard is revealing WoW’s next expansion next month, and we could see The Wrath of the Lich King servers for WoW Classic very soon.

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