WoW world server is down post-Dragonflight release, and it’s chaos

The WoW world server is down post-Dragonflight release, making this one of Blizzard's most turbulent expansion releases to date and leaving MMO players seething

A tanned man with dark hair and golden green armour sits on a dragonlike-hourse with white scales and a purple mane against a sky blue cityscape

If you’ve tried to dive into World of Warcraft Dragonflight you’ve likely been hit with the ‘WoW world server is down’ error message and subsequently been kicked out of the MMORPG. With expectations higher than ever before, the next chapter of the WoW saga is off to a rocky start.

While I managed to get into game with no real issues (I’m on EU Turalyon), players all across Azeroth have been struggling to breach the wonderous world of the Dragon Isles.

Dubbed “worst launch in history” by one angry fan on the WoW forums, players have been complaining that “everything is broken and won’t load” that they’ve been hit with “mind-numbing lag.”

“Seriously Blizzard… WoW came out in 2004. You’ve had nearly 20 years to figure out how to properly launch a game,” writes one player. “You have the resources, you have the money… please explain your incompetence and the lag.”

“The last two or three [releases] were completely smooth except maybe one or two servers having issues. I had zero issues in the last three on a big server,” laments another. “What’s with the regression?”

Some noticed that streamers like Zack ‘Asmongold’ and Caroline ‘Naguura’ Forer were able to get into game with ease, but even their Dragonflight adventures were cut short relatively quickly. “Asmongold has fallen. I repeat, Asmongold has fallen,” proclaims one fan. “He can’t log in, the streamer privilege is cancelled.”

This isn’t the first WoW launch that hasn’t quite gone Blizzard’s way this year. WoW Classic fans will remember waiting it out in 100-hour long queues to get into WotLK Classic, which in turn saw Blizzard put to the sword (specifically Frostmourne) for it’s lack of organisation.

Given the pressure Dragonflight is under following Shadowlands, this isn’t a great start. Some have already claimed they’re ready to quit on the forums, but hopefully Blizzard evens out the servers and gets things up and running again.

Until then, we have a WoW Dragonflight tier list that’s perfect for helping you choose your new main, as well as a rundown of the familiar yet unfamiliar World of Warcraft Dragonflight talents system. For those who are totally new to Azeroth, we have the best WoW addons for you, too.