WoW WotLK Classic honor gear is getting a sweet discount

WoW WotLK Classic honor gear is some of the Blizzard MMORPG's most sought after PvP loot, and it turns out that players will be able to pick it up for less

WoW WotLK Classic honor gear is getting a sweet discount: An orc and human fighting as two mages help in the background

WoW WotLK Classic honor gear is some of the most highly sought after in the MMORPG‘s PvP sphere, and it’s getting a hefty discount ahead of the new Arena season.

Honor gear is purchased using honor points (funnily enough), which can be earned by killing members of the opposite faction in PvP. Loot can include anything from new armour to enhancements like inscriptions, and can only be purchased from specific vendors.

With the first Arena season starting week commencing October 3, players have been piling in to take down their opponents. Some, however, have voiced concerns that honor gear seems rather expensive.

In response, Blizzard has implemented a hotfix on October 4 reducing the cost of these coveted items by 30%. “With the first Arena season starting this week, we are reducing the cost of Honor gear by 30%” writes community manager Kaivax.

“During the first week of the expansion there were some very profitable ways of earning Honor which have been resolved. With this change, players who are reaching level 80 this week will be able to acquire Deadly, Hateful, and Savage gear a bit more quickly, to prepare for Arena play.” Full details of the hotfix were posted slightly later.

During the first week of the expansion, players were able to earn Honor a lot faster by participating in various activities. Due to lengthy server queue times, however, some players were unable to log in, leaving them at a slight disadvantage as opposed to those who managed to get in with no issues.  Hopefully the new discount will allow them to catch up and return to the arena in style.

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