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WoW Wrath Classic server queues are ruining the game (again)

The WoW Wrath Classic server times have soared post-release, and players are blaming Blizzard for not learning its lesson from WoTLK's pre-patch

WoW Wrath Classic server queues are ruining the game (again): Huge skeletal dragon perched on an icy cliff looking down through glowing blue eye sockets

Despite the WoW Wrath Classic server times causing havoc during the MMO‘s pre-patch, players are still experiencing massive queue times post-launch.

One of the major issues that plagues newly-released online games are server queues. Every game from Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker to Tower of Fantasy has had problems with lengthy wait times, and Blizzard’s new WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic is no different.

Since the game’s pre-patch server queue times have been in the hundreds, with Blizzard eventually locking servers and asking players to move to other ones.

While players hoped these issues would be sorted for launch, the WoW forums are overrun with players complaining of severe queue times, most of which are threatening to quit the game entirely.

WoW Wrath Classic server queues are ruining the game (again): A Death Knight kneels before a man in silver armour in a huge stone room as guards watch on

A post simply entitled “at a loss for words” reads “you had ten years Blizzard… this is a complete disaster and a joke. What are we paying for? staring at a login screen? Obviously not server maintenance.”

“Nearly 20 years of paying a sub and they still have the same issues,” comments another, with a second post stating “pay to play a game but the game is never available due to the ridiculous wait times. Two accounts cancelled here tonight”

“15 dollars a month to not be able to play the game,” reads one response, with a final thread noting that there was a six-hour queue to get onto Benediction, one of the game’s bigger servers.

As someone who waited in the Lost Ark queues, I can confirm sitting waiting for hours when all you want to do is play the game is intensely frustrating. For the most part I simply rage quit until the hype died down or, alternatively, started queuing while working so I could get in. It goes without saying that neither of these are particularly great options, though.

The plus about being stuck in the queue, however, is that it gives you time to check out our WoW Classic races guide, and our interview with Blizzard about the pressure of remastering WoTLK.