WoW WotLK Classic hotfix corrects loot errors, summoned pets, more

WoW WotLK Classic hotfix brings a handful of bug fixes to the game, including adjustments to the looting system, summoned pet levels, and heirlooms not working

WoW WotLK Classic hotfix corrects loot errors, summoned pets, more: A knight in black, twisted armour that glows freen stands on a frosty forested background

WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic has continued to have a collection of small bugs that have hampered the retro-MMORPG experience for many players.

On October 19, developer Blizzard Entertainment released a hotfix patch to WotLK Classic that aimed to clean up some of these problems.

The patch notes for the hotfix target a plethora of issues. One of the major fixes was a change to make sure all encounters respect the loot settings of the group, as there were times when the game wouldn’t respect that a group had turned on Master Looter.

Some spells have been both fixed and adjusted, like Mind Flay and other “similar spells” which now will no longer benefit from movement impairment reduction as a cast speed bonus. Also, Warrior’s Taste for Blood rank three now triggers every six seconds, instead of every nine seconds.

The final spell change was to Blessing of Wisdom, which was occasionally incorrectly providing an increased benefit in raid encounters when changing to a specialization that did not have Improved Blessing of Wisdom.

Another major fix comes to classes that summon pets, as Blizzard has fixed an issue where summoned pets would spawn at an incorrect level. Although players are still reporting a bug where pets’ health bars are cut in half when hopping on and off a mount, the level bug has been corrected.

Heirlooms should now properly provide their combat rating bonuses, as there was an issue in the past when they were not.

These are not all the bug fixes, but the major ones that will have the most impact on gameplay. You can find the full patch notes here.

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