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This new WoW addon is simple, but an absolute must have

There are an awful lot of people in Azeroth, so if you find yourself forgetting faces, then this new WoW addon is exactly what you need.

This new WoW addon is simple, but an absolute must have: A blue creature with a sharp chin and glowing red eyes looks past the camera grimacing

Picture the scene: it’s World of Warcraft Shadowlands, and you stand before The Jailer, ready and primed to take him down after far too many attempts. Everything feels like it has led up to this moment; Sylvanas Windrunner and fallen Aduin are nothing when compared to the man behind the Maw’s mysterious machinations. And then, out of the blue, one of the tanks quit. You’d probably want to be able to remember them, right?

I know I certainly would. Enter this new WoW addon from ‘Bettiold,’ aptly entitled ‘I remember you,’ which allows you to attach a reminder-esque note to fellow World of Warcraft players. There are a lot of people in Blizzard’s MMORPG, after all – it’s hard to keep track.

The premise is pretty simple: you can attach a written note to different players by right-clicking on their character frame, and selecting ‘Remember.’ Add in what you like (in the example, Bettiold writes ‘we went fishing’), then save it.

You’ll then get an automatic notification if, for whatever reason, you and the other player cross paths – in a raid or Mythic+, for example. You can then use the /memory chat command to bring up a list of all of the notes and edit them as you go.

A World of Warcraft menu showing a series of different players, with reminders attatched to them

Bettiold has already confirmed that they plan to “make editing notes better,” so more options including the ability to “right click name in the chat and type the name manually” are in the works. While we wait for those updates, though, I’d suggest you download I Remember You.

While I have had many a raider quit on me – that opening sequence was definitely not a true story, and if it was I’d definitely be over it by now -I’ve also had so many positive experiences with random passers-by who I’ve added as a friend, then promptly forgotten who they are. Bettiold’s addon is really, really simple, yet it’s exactly what I need – especially ahead of The War Within.

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