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WoW Classic players are forming orderly lines to slay monsters

Classic Azeroth is seeing some queues pop up in-game with players ready to quest

World of Warcraft Classic – which recreates the 2004, pre-The Burning Crusade version of the game – is here. It already looks like the game’s a big hit with players – but this means some are having wait their turn to get stuck into quests. According to some players’ social media posts, it looks like the game is seeing people forming actual in-game lines for quests.

As noted by Gamespot, multiple players jumping into the launch of WoW Classic have begun posting images of the – seemingly very polite and orderly – lines that have started popping up around Classic Azeroth, full of players ready to get questing. For example, on Twitter user Chris Trott has posted an image of an in-game queue of what appears to be over 20 players, with one calling out “in line you maggots”. Trott says “we had a queue for a boss mob, incredible.”

Following this, others have replied with images of the queues they’ve encountered in the game, with user @GingerDan_ commenting “it’s so British” on his own screenshot of an 18-person-long line.

User @Farore13 says “all these people waiting patiently in the queue to kill the boss in Wow Classic – this is the politest thing I’ve ever seen in gaming, ever” on her own picture of a pretty lengthy queue. Check out Twitter and you’ll find quite a few other posts showing similar scenarios, which suggests that the lines are likely cropping up in multiple WoW Classic servers.

The nature of WoW’s MMO world, questing, and levelling system means that multiple players can end up trying to complete certain tasks and quests at around the same time. With the influx of new players looking to get started on the early quests following the game’s launch, it looks like there’s a bit of a bottleneck forming for some of these.

This follows news that, before players can get started joining in-game lines to complete quests, some have been stuck in hours-long queues waiting to join a WoW Classic server to play on. Reddit user Chroonicpayne posted a screenshot earlier today (seemingly from Wowhead) showing that, at the time of capture, there were over 150k people waiting in the queues for US servers. However, the same table on Wowhead today indicates that this number appears to have decreased since.