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New WoW Classic character finder is perfect for Season of Discovery

As the next part of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery begins you may be looking for a new raid partner, so this character finder is perfect.

New WoW Classic character finder is perfect for Season of Discovery: A bull-like creature bends down to look into an open box in a barren, red-tinted area

It’s a whole new day in Azeroth, as phase two of WoW Classic Season of Discovery has arrived. As players fuse together various different specs to create weird and wonderful Frankenstein combinations that shouldn’t work, but do, you’ve probably seen something that has absolutely blown your mind. Whether it’s a fellow raider, or just someone out in the world one-shotting things as a Warrior DPS, you can use this new character finder to look them up and take a look at their gear.

Animated in full 3D (although it’s still in beta form), this World of Warcraft Classic character finder is the work of Brian Cozzens – and boy, does it look good. You can use it to find any player on any server in the MMORPG, and in turn inspect their gear and stats.

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Take Rhyis for example, the character Cozzens sent me. They’re a human warlock whose average gear level is a relatively low 23 – but they appear to have a penchant for fishing, so that’s probably to be expected.

But the important part is below the model, where you’ve got a full rundown of their stats, as well as their current build path and runes. Rhyis is a player after my own heart and is running an Affliction Warlock with a pretty good set of runes that perhaps point more towards the Warlock Tank spec than Warlock DPS.

Above their model, you can see how many Honorable Kills they’ve achieved in PvP, their faction, and their guild and server. If they’re part of a guild, you can also see that entire group’s roster by selecting the ‘roster’ prompt, marked in green above.

An image of a 3D World of Warcraft character on a black background, surrounded by their gear

There’s a whole lot of info on AtlasForge, and it’s perfect for either replicating some broken builds, or just having a little look at who you’re playing with.

You can also head over to ‘population’ on the top menu to check out the race and class split for Season of Discovery – at the moment, Hunter reigns supreme (shocking absolutely no one), followed by Warrior, then Druid. At least Priest is doing relatively well.

If you’re considering diving back into WoW Classic to check out the Season of Discovery (do it, it’s worth it), we have a list of all the best WoW addons to help you out. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something new to kill some time ahead of The War Within, we have a rundown of all the best free MMORPGs, too.

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