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WoW The War Within boots one of Blizzard’s most overlooked addons

Coming into the new World of Warcraft expansion, WoW The War Within, Blizzard has confirmed that its Companion app is getting the boot.

WoW The War Within boots one of Blizzard's most overlooked addons: A purple skinned, long-haired elf woman wearing golden-trimmed armor with violet balls of energy swirling around her looks at an iPhone photoshopped into her hand

In many ways, WoW The War Within represents a new age of World of Warcraft. A twisting tale told over a trio of smaller but more timely expansions, we’ve peeked behind the purple-trimmed curtain and got a few snippets of what to expect from the next chapter of Azeroth’s ongoing story. With a new dawn comes the dusk, however, and the sun is now officially setting on one of Blizzard’s Warcraft-adjacent endeavors.

Largely overlooked and uncared for, the World of Warcraft Companion app allows you to check up on your items at auction, track the MMO‘s various world quests, and interact with your fellow guild members on the go. More notably, it lets you undertake campaigns via the mission table, allowing you to collect some sweet, sweet rewards when you’re AFK.

As time has moved on, however, the WoW Companion app has largely been collecting dust, and has accrued a 2.5 review score on the App Store. Reviews call it “buggy” and even “the worst app on iOS,” but oftentimes admit that the app does, indeed, have its uses when it does work.

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However, as we transition from the colorful world of the Dragon Isles into the dark caverns of Nerub-ar, Blizzard has confirmed that it’s phasing out the WoW Companion app ahead of the WoW The War Within release date.

“With the release of The War Within pre-expansion content update, we will no longer support the WoW Companion App,” reads a Wednesday, April 24 blog post. “After this date, players will not be able to update, download, or use the companion app and its features. We want to thank everyone who has used the app as their companion for their adventures over the years!”

WoW The War Within boots one of Blizzard's most overlooked addons: An image of Blizzard's announcement that the WoW Companion app is being retired on a church-like background

While I was never someone who used the app, a part of me is a little sad to see the end of an era – albeit a small one. However, with The War Within ushering in a slew of fresh content and a new direction for Warcraft, the Companion app feels like a remnant of a bygone time. One of the things I’m so excited about at the moment is the level of innovation we’re seeing from Blizzard, so leaving the app on the shelf for the betterment of future content seems, to me, like a win-win.

Speaking of what comes next, I got an exclusive glimpse into the Isle of Dorn during my WoW The War Within alpha preview, and it’s looking good. Although, I did miss Weakauras and GTFO during my playthrough, so make sure you’ve got all the best WoW addons installed ahead of time.

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