WoW Dragonflight: how to get Lizi, Thunderspine Trampler mount

WoW Dragonflight introduces a new mount with Lizi, Thunderspine Trampler. Here’s how to obtain the mount in World of Warcraft’s newest expansion

An olive green WoW Dragonflight mount called Lizi, the Thunderspine Trampler, stands in front of a forest

WoW Dragonflight introduces a ton of new mounts in the popular MMORPG for players to tame and explore the Dragon Isles with. One mount in particular that’s riling up fans is the new Thunderspine mount, and here’s how to acquire it.

Lizi, Thunderspine Trampler can be obtained via a multi-day quest. In order to unlock the quest, players must complete the Initiate’s Day Out questline via the Sojourner of Ohn’ahran Plains side quest achievement. Once you’ve completed the quest, you can obtain the new Sneaking Out which will lead to Ohn’iri Springs. Then, the quest To Tame A Thunderspine will appear and you can start your journey to obtaining the Thunderspine.

The quest takes place over the course of five days, and has players help mend the Thunderspine Lizi. Over the course of the five days, you’ll obtain a new quest each day that you must complete.

On day one, you must obtain 20 Fluorescent Fluid from insect mobs. Day two requires getting ten High-Fiber Leafs, which drop from plant mobs. Day three demands acquiring ten Thousandbite Piranhas, which you can fished from waters in the Dragon Isles. Day four, you’ll need 20 Woolly Mountain Pelts from killing mammoths. And on Day 5, the final day, you’ll need to purchase one Meluun’s Green Curry from Ohn Meluun in south Ohn’iri Springs.

After the quest is completed you’ll obtain Lizi, Thunderspine Trampler as a new mount. Lizi is an enormous brown Thunderspine with tons of horns and a bulbous, long tail. Although there are plenty of new mounts coming in WoW Dragonflight, Lizi may take the cake as the most satisfying to obtain after spending five whole days questing for her.

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