WoW Dragonflight gives Hunter adorable duck pets

WoW Dragonflight introduces a handful of new tamable pets for the Hunter class, including adorable ducks for the very first time. Here are all the new pets

WoW Dragonflight tamable duck pet avatar against a blurred World of Warcraft town in the background

WoW Dragonflight adds a ton of new content to the hugely popular MMORPG, including tamable pets that Hunters will encounter in the Dragon Isles. For the first time ever, ducks will make their debut in the World of Warcraft universe, and the developers at Blizzard Entertainment have done well to combine their real-life charm with the game’s own blend of high fantasy.

Ducks will be added to the Crane family of animals, which will be renamed to Waterfowl purely to accommodate their addition to the group. Wowhead shares the first look at the ducks, which are absolutely adorable and come in a number of various color combinations including green and brown, black and red, red and yellow, and many more.

Ducks aren’t the only new birds that Hunters will have the chance to tame. Peafowls will be added as well, a bird that strongly resembles a real-life peacock with large colorful feathers. Phoenix birds are being added to the Birds of Prey category, and appear incredibly powerful as reliable pets for Hunters to use.

Potentially the wildest bird that will debut as a tamable beast in Dragonflight are the Wind Eagles, which you can find in the opening Ohn’ahran Plains zone. These horned avians are also part of the Birds of Prey category and feature special wind-based animations that are absolutely killer on the battlefield.

Although there are a handful of new and awesome birds that will be available to Hutner players once Dragonflight drops, there’s no doubt that ducks take the spotlight as the most adorable of the bunch.

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