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New WoW Dragonflight event gives you the coolest dragon ever

If you've dreamt of soaring through the skies of World of Warcraft's Azeroth on a literal pirate dragon, the new WoW Dragonflight event is perfect for you.

New WoW Dragonflight event gives you the coolest dragon ever: A huge brown dragon stands staring over its shoulder ad a breach in the sky wearing a cartoon pirate hat

Picture the scene: World of Warcraft‘s spectacular Dragon Isles laid bare beneath your wings as you dragonride through the skies. When approaching the North Sea, sparkling beneath you, you feel that urge to go rogue; to become a menace of the MMORPG‘s high seas. ‘Avast,’ ye ask yerself – ‘where can I find meself a noble beast befitting of a cap’n like me?’ Well, I have the answer: you can get a pirate dragon in the new WoW Dragonflight event – but you’ll have to act fast.

Today – Tuesday, September 19 – marks the annual Talk Like A Pirate day, and, as per usual, WoW is bringing back Pirate’s Day to celebrate. While you’ll still get your 12 hour pirate costume buff, there’s another prize up for grabs: the Highland Drake Pirate’s Day armor.

Forget Aztec Gold; the Highland Drake armor is far more valuable. Decking out your dragonriding mount in golden cuffs, the backside of the chestpiece features a battered old treasure chest that has been pried open to reveal the shining golden treasure that lies within.

Yes, folks, you can literally get a pirate dragon in World of Warcraft – but you’ll have to act very, very quickly.

An image showing the WoW Dragonflight Highland Drake Pirate's Day armor, with a character sitting on its back

The WoW Pirate’s Day celebration begins on Tuesday, September 19, and lasts for 24 hours. You’ll only be able to get the Highland Drake Pirate’s Day armor during this period – and it’s unclear if it’ll return next year. 

You can purchase the armor for 50,000 gold from the head honcho herself, Captain DeMeza, the Scourge of the South Sea. DeMeza can be found in Booty Bay at the bottom end of the Eastern Kingdoms. It’s also worth having a drink with her, as this will earn you the Dread Corsair buff and, of course, your pirate regalia. Note that this vanishes after twelve hours (thankfully the Highland Drake armor does not).

So if you want to soar across the seven seas on a pirate dragon, I suggest you move quickly – I know I’ll be diving in this evening to score this prize for myself. If you haven’t played for a while, though, it’s worth ensuring that you’ve got the best WoW addons installed. We’ve also got a list of all of the WoW Dragonflight dragon glyph locations, too, to make sure you don’t just look good, but can show off a little, too.