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WoW Dragonflight’s Dragonriding system may become the norm

Dragonriding is one of WoW Dragonflight's best features, so I asked Blizzard if it'll become the norm - especially with the WoW Dragonflight 2.0 Fire Owl mount.

A dragon wearing a helmet flies through a forest area

WoW Dragonflight 2.0 adds an adorable new mount to the Dragonriding pool – the Fire Owl. Not only is it cute, it’s the first Dragonriding mount to not be, well, a dragon. So, I asked Blizzard if we can expect dynamic riding to become a staple feature in upcoming World of Warcraft expansions – after all, it’s one of the MMORPG‘s best features to date.

Speaking exclusively to PCGamesN ahead of the Guardians of the Dream announcement, lead UX designer Christopher ‘Crash’ Reed hints that we may see Dragonriding become the norm in upcoming expansions.

“[The Fire Owl] is the first mount that will have what we’re calling ‘dynamic riding,'” he tells me. “It’s basically Dragonriding, it uses all of the same functions, but it’s the first one that’s not a drake of any type. Moving forward, I think dynamic riding makes more sense.”

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So, when I ask whether or not said dynamic riding is something that Blizzard is looking to implement in future expansions, Reed tells me “we’re always open to exploring how we’re going to be doing [dynamic riding] and how it moves with the world.

“Dragonriding has been an amazing addition to the game, and so I think that opening that up to other places seems logical and like the smart thing to do. Moving forward that’s a goal that we’re looking into – but nothing too deep on that right now.”

A huge red dragon sitting in a small circular area next to a shelf

One of the things I love the most about Dragonflight is the Dragonriding. It makes you feel so incredibly powerful to look down upon the Ruby Life Pools from the sky, and, honestly, it’s really a lot of fun. I love a good race, but also just meandering around carefree. It’s the feature that made Dragonflight really special for me, and if it makes it into future expansions, I’ll be beyond excited.

Until then, though, it’s worth collecting all of the WoW Dragonflight Dragon Glyphs to make sure your drake is up to scratch. It’s also worth installing the best WoW addons if you’ve been away for a while to – after all, WoW Dragonflight 2.0 is the perfect time to dive back in.