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January’s WoW Trading Post includes sneaky new reward

The January 2024 edition of the WoW Trading Post has just dropped in Dragonflight, and it turns out you can get a lot more Tender this time.

A night elf from World of Warcraft with red facial tattoos, huge long ears, and white hair with flowers in it smiles admiring a golden watch on her wrist

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new month – and year – in World of Warcraft. And you know what that means, denizens of Azeroth: January’s new WoW Trading Post just dropped. Featuring a snazzy new watch for your character, as well as some shiny new golden mounts, what we didn’t expect was an extra 500 Trader’s Tender, that seems to appeared from nowhere.

As several eagle-eyed fans have spotted, this iteration of the World of Warcraft Trading Post appears to gift you 500 extra Trader’s Tender – the MMORPG‘s Trading Post currency.

At the moment, when you fully complete the monthly challenges in your Traveler’s Log, you’ll end up with 1,500 Trader’s Tender instead of 1,000. There’s no mention of any extra Tender on the official Blizzard blog post, but WoWhead has confirmed that it is in-game, and that you can, indeed, earn an extra 500 Tender for no apparent reason.

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While they speculate that this is part of the bonus reward (the rather lavish-looking watch you see in the main image of this article), they also warn that it may be a bug – the Trading Post has been live for less than 24 hours, after all.

It may also be in response to a wave of negative feedback in the wake of increased prices for the Trading Post’s rewards, and backlash that bonus rewards have, in the eyes of some, not been worth the grind.

Either way, 500 free Tender isn’t something I’m going to complain about – I love a late Christmas gift (or New Year’s celebration), after all.  I also really want the Witch Doctor’s Fetish shield, so this will cover the cost of that, so that I can plow the rest into the Jeweled Copper Scarab.

A golden scarab creature with purple wings flying through a night sky

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