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WoW mount Tyrael’s Charger is no longer exclusive, you can just buy it

The WoW mount that was once an exclusive, Tyrael's Charger, has returned to the MMORPG's store as a purchasable item, and OG players aren't happy with Blizzard

WoW mount Tyrael's Charger is no longer exclusive, you can just buy it: A horse with glowing blue eyes and golden armour soars through a blue sky on wispy white wings

A limited-time WoW mount is one of the biggest flexes in the MMORPG. There’s nothing quite like owning something that players would give an arm and a leg for, and the limited time Tyrael’s Charger was one of those oh-so-special items.

It’s so special that in my article discussing the fact that Blizzard has no plans to bring limited time mounts back into circulation, I lamented not owning the golden-plated steed. As a longtime Diablo fanatic fresh out of her Diablo 4 gameplay preview, this was the mount on my mind.

At the same time, though, I respected the fact that I couldn’t get it. Released as part of the WoW annual pass in my favourite expansion, Mists of Pandaria, I missed out on it at the time. That was no one’s fault but mine.

Imagine my face, then, when I spotted it on the Battle.net store. I copped it immediately, dropping £19 ($25) faster than a hot cake – but a part of me feels bad for doing so.

The WoW forums are ablaze with angry fans. Following the return of the supposedly limited Fel Drake mount during the first round of WoW Dragonflight Twitch drops, players feel like their coveted exclusives are at risk of being rereleased – whether it be for money, or as part of a promotion.

“About a month ago I was fighting the fact that the Fel Drake should’ve never been a Twitch Drop and that it was destroying WoW’s core,” writes one player.

“Well now guess what… Tyrael’s Charger is in the store and I will buy it! I missed on this opportunity a while ago… But hey… Why? Nothing in WoW is legacy anymore.”

“Congrats to everyone on their Tyrael’s Charger,” reads another thread. “However if you’re going to go back on your promises, Blizzard, I’ll stop participating in your promotions.”

As I mentioned above, I missed out on the mount when it came out way back when. It sucked, but it was what it was. One of most alluring things about older WoW expansions were the limited edition mounts and other exclusive cosmetics. Seeing them make a return saddens me slightly because, while I’m the one benefitting, I understand how much work went into acquiring these mounts in the first place – all you need now is a healthy bank balance.

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